For projects developers and architects

We offer support in the development of your project by leveraging our expertise in Mass Timber, providing guidance on refined and effective structural concepts tailored to your needs.

We thrive on creativity in our structural solutions, crafting timber structure designs that perfectly align with the architectural vision while pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Whether it's multi-storey buildings, expansive sports arenas, or production facilities with wide spans, our expertise is dedicated to assisting you in developing exceptional projects that not only meet your vision but also align seamlessly with feasibility and production requirements.

For manufacturers

Thanks to our extensive expertise and thorough understanding of manufacturing processes, Kambium assists you finding both cost-effective and adapted solutions for your production needs.

From the initial design stages, we meticulously consider the entire journey towards finalizing the details, ensuring a comprehensive approach throughout.

For engineers

In the process of designing Mass Timber buildings, numerous factors must be carefully considered to ensure designing cost-effective solutions: spans, structural grid, available technical solutions, connections. Additionally, non-structural elements like sound insulation, fireproofing, and thermal resistance play crucial roles in the design process.

We provide design-assist services, allowing us to collaborate and share our expertise in timber building structural and physics to deliver customized design solutions.

kambium structural design

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